Mission Statement

The John Lynch Foundation is committed to developing leaders by:

  • Encouraging dreams.
  • Providing programs that assist and motivate.
  • Recognizing achievement and excellence.

Vision Statement

John and Linda Lynch formed the John Lynch Foundation in August 2000 to provide encouragement and positive alternatives for young people. In a time when violence and irresponsibility seem to be glorified, the Lynches are determined to reach students and instill in them the drive to become effective community leaders.

John and Linda strongly believe that good, solid values can be learned through education, sport participation and community involvement. Teamwork, self-esteem, time management, responsibility and determination are the lessons that carry over into all areas of life.

In addition, the Lynches feel that our youth are a valuable resource. John and Linda are committed to endowing this resource with a capacity to create, produce and return. They believe it is the duty of the current leadership to expose the path, open the mind and bring young leaders to new opportunities.

Talent is meaningless without guidance. The Lynches' goal is to encourage success and diminish the fear of failure, because setbacks usually reveal true character. With guidance, a little talent, a lot of work, both hard and smart, young people will learn how to overcome obstacles, rise to the occasion and get the job done! Then, they become invaluable leaders.

The Lynches are laying the foundation for developing these leaders. They are providing education and athletic based incentives for young children, creating recognition and rewards for student-athletes, funding scholarships for high school students, and offering ways to keep coaches and teachers motivated.

As former student-athletes, John and Linda received college scholarships and understand the commitment it takes to realize great dreams. Today, their dream is to provide support for young people who aim high and are committed to realizing their futures.