Nominate a Rising Star of the Month

2017-2018 Nomination Deadlines:

Nominations are due on:

October October 18th
November November 3rd
December December 1st
January January 17th
February February 14th
March March 2nd

Note:  Teachers, coaches or school administrators must fill out the nomination form for the Star of the Month program, please no students or parents.

Helpful Hints:

  • Ask students to provide a resume so you can copy and paste the information.
  • While stats and facts are very helpful, anecdotes and comments or quotes are powerful too! 
  • Provide anecdotes about the student that demonstrate their positive qualities, ability to overcome obstacles, and examples of their leadership.
  • Include quotes or comments from their teachers, coaches or community service coordinators.
  • Please fill out the form completely (including phone numbers and email addresses or it will not go through!

  • High School
    Middle School
  • Male
  • Small